Industry and Supply Inspirations: Tony the Engraver

by | Mar 23, 2017 | Industry & Supply | 0 comments

“It didn’t take me long to realise that with an art form as old as this, all you need is a hammer and a chisel, patience, imagination and dedication” – Tony the Engraver
(Custom Knuckle)

Tony is a character that struck our attention as soon as we caught wind of his inventive talent. Skilled with materials and tools more often associated with a motor garage than an artist’s studio, Tony’s creations are evidence of a man devoted to classic mechanics and design. Add to this a home on the Spanish coast and we can’t help but be envious of this dream biker’s lifestyle.

His engravings, intricate and baroque, have the overall effect of a steam-punk inspired, Mad Max-esque style. Having turned his hand to construction work and tattooing, using both trades as canvases for his artistic talents, Tony has proven that he can apply his skills to almost anything.

If all of this wasn’t enough to turn us into fans of Tony’s work and way of life, he is also a keen biker himself and has built bikes in-keeping with his unique style.

We are more than excited to announce that Industry & Supply have the opportunity of collaborating with Tony on an exclusive range of shirts to be sold on our site. These designs show off Tony’s gregarious personality and unconventional talent.

Our personal favourite, the Skull tshirt, is a pen and paper re-imagining of one of Tony’s most intricate designs. A true honour to be collaborating with such a skilled artist, we here at I&S believe in the mutual support of a community that spreads worldwide with the same appreciation of classic cars, motorbikes and hotrods. Not only do these brilliant craftsman inspire our designs, they also remind us that we enthusiasts are exactly that – enthusiastic! We want to share the talent of our community, and so we relish any opportunity to work with people such as Tony the Engraver.

Be sure to give Tony’s Facebook page a ‘Like’ to keep up to date with his amazing work.