I am Dena Black – Wire Work, I make animal sculptures out of mostly chicken Wire but am starting to go a little off piste with using other wires in different ways to see what I can create.

My background from leaving school has been mostly Art and Design based, I worked for an interiors company while studying Design and soft furnishings. Then along with my Mum who had worked in soft furnishings for 30 years + we set up our own businesses of interior consultancy and soft furnishings, hence still keeping a hand in with my handmade grey wool cushions with various designs.

My passion back when I was a student was fine Art Sculpture and I have returned to that now that I have a little more time.  I enjoy what I can create with the wire.  It is a hard medium to use and you need strong hands but my sculptures will last indefinitely, they are extremely hardy and look amazing in their settings.  I work from my small workshop from sketches and images and try to create a personality in each animal, I often name them in their first stage so that I know who I am dealing with and sculpt them to that name.